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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Job's Simple Faith. Advent Day 22. December 22, 2013.

I love Job.
This blog started off with a post comparing
Job’s choice of words and his wife’s choice of words.
In this story,
Job obviously chose the better part,
the more pleasing words.

I’ve wondered though,
what exactly about Job’s words makes them a much better choice?
Obviously the content,
but what is behind them?
What are they made up of?
Where do they have their root?

No doubt.
But a certain kind.

Faith like a child.

Job’s faith was simple.
His words to God were simple.
He was all very logical.
Not complex logical.
Just plan, simple, “duh”, logic.

I guess it’s similar to asking an older child,
“What is 2+2?”
You should get the answer, “4”
but you might get a snarky response
as if the answer should have been obvious.

Job responded like that, I think.
Maybe he left out the snarkiness but
he spoke his words as though they were obvious. 

Upon everything being taken away from him Job responded,
“The Lords gives and the Lord takes. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” (Job 1:21).
From the get-go (literally, chapter 1),
Job was praising God for his horrible situation. 

But more than just praising,
Job just stated the obvious.
He gives.
He takes.
We take the good.
Who are we to not take the bad as well?
Like a little kid.
Faith like a child.

We make things too complex.
We try and find the meaning behind everything.
We try to pin down the exact plan God has set for us.
We try to analyze why God does what He does.
We look for explanations for experiences God puts us through.
When really,
all we need is some faith.
Faith like a child.

It doesn’t require
thought processes,
or diagrams,
or math equations,
or timelines.
It is just constantly,
Faith like a child.  

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  1. Thank you and God reward you for sharing these very uplifting words to meditate upon.

    Mrs. O.