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Monday, December 2, 2013

Goals for the Glory of the Lord. Advent Day 2. December 2, 2013.

I am a list person by and large;
borderline OCD about it.
Check lists.
To-Do lists.
Goals lists.
Homework lists.
You name it
and I have probably done it many times.

When I write things down,
I tend to hold myself more accountable.
An idea in my head is nice
but if I put that idea on paper,
it is much more likely to be put into action.

The idea of this Advent blog series is twofold:

First, to together prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ Child

and second, to made headway in the personal missions that Christ has set before us.

Though these are two separate goals,
they can be accomplished at the same time I believe.
Regardless of what our individual missions are,
the first step of those missions should be establishing a close relationship with Christ.
What better way to rekindle a lacking relationship,
or strengthen a strong one,
or better yet, 
start one that isn't there.

Advent comes from the Latin adventus which means arrival or to come.
Maybe this Advent can be the arrival of your relationship with Christ.

See, in preparing our hearts for Christ’s arrival,
we are fostering the ever-so-essential relationship with Him.
That seems to be the pivotal first step in each of our missions.

After establishing a relationship with Christ,
it’s our job to figure out what the next step of our missions are.
This is more of a person-specific element.
I don’t know what Christ is calling each of you to.
Heck, I don’t even know what He is calling me to do half the time.
But, I do know that He is happy to guide the eager heart.
Ask Him.
Ask Him what He is calling you to.
Maybe you don’t get a specific answer
and that is perfectly okay.
Get started on your mission anyways.
A good place to start is right out of your comfort zone.

On a daily basis I am guilty of doing everything I can
in an effort to stay within the very small bubble I call my comfort zone.
But the thing is,
Jesus knows we can accomplish a lot inside of our comfort zones,
but how much more could we accomplish outside of our comfort zones?
Only stepping outside of that little bubble will tell.

Let’s make some goals.
Let’s make some goals within our comfort zone
but better yet, let’s make some goals outside of our comfort zone.

I like monthly goals.
They’re great because it is long enough to accomplish something substantial
but not too long that my mind gets bored and begins to wander.
It’s December 2.
The month has just begun.
Let’s get those goals on paper
and accomplish them this Advent.

Don’t make them so outrageous that you set yourself up for failure
but make them challenging so that maybe they are a bit uncomfortable.
Make these goals ones that help you to accomplish the mission Christ has set before you.
Volunteer more,
make an effort to treat others with kindness,
learn to love as the Father loves (this one is on my goals list every month…still working on it),
take time for morning walks so you can better serve your family throughout the day.
The possibilities of goals are endless.

I set monthly goals for myself.
They have helped me a lot.
I have noticed genuine difference.
However, I still have a very, very long way to go.

Let’s set up our challenging, changing, and mission-obtaining goals for this Advent.  

1 comment:

  1. Excellent!
    Just reading this, the Lord set two goals before me...and even thinking of one of them makes me cringe because it is totally outside of my comfort zone. But it isn't all about ME...it's about Him, He who loved me first! It's about getting uncomfortable so that I can be comforted by Him and Him alone.

    On my way to write these two goals down on a Post-It, so that I can prepare myself every morning and every night, through prayer, to accomplish these goals...these character defects.

    God reward you, Rebecca.

    Denise Orcher