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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wise Men Still Seek Jesus. Advent Day 7. December 7, 2013.

Pulling into my neighborhood I was admiring the Christmas lights
and just the Christmas decorations in general.
They make my heart happy.

I saw a Christmas decoration that I hadn’t seen before.
It was a simple purple sign jammed into the green grass.
It read:
Wise Men Still Seek Jesus.

Forgive me if y’all have seen this before
but this was such a novel, yet simple idea to me.
I really thought it was one of the coolest things!

Wise men are the ones who still seek Jesus.

We are
and thieves.

We are arrogant,
and manipulative.

But that does not necessarily make us void of wisdom.

We know that we sin and do wrong
but we are still wise enough to seek out Jesus.

Let’s go beyond the sin and pride.
Let’s stoop down to humility.
Let’ be wise enough to seek Jesus.

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