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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Guard Your Heart. Advent Day 12. December 12, 2013.

This morning I am preparing to take my last two finals of the semester.
I’m very excited!

One thing I’ve learned about the whole finals process is how generous professors tend to be.
They give these wonderful things called study guides.

After the moaning and groaning portion is done,
I take a moment and realize how lucky I am to have one.

Here is the reason:
I’ve learned a lot in my classes this semester,
it would be close to impossible to remember every piece of information from each class.
Study guides help narrow down the information,
making studying easier and more efficient.
I can also learn the information I am supposed to learn much more effectively.

So also for our hearts…

…guard your heart for in it are the sources of life. Put away from you dishonest talk, deceitful speech put far from you. Let your eyes look straight ahead and your glance be directly forward. Survey the path for your feet, and let all your ways be sure. Turn neither to right nor to left, keep your foot far from evil.
Proverbs 4:23-27

I love this.
Your heart holds the sources of life,
so why dish out to your heart all the icky parts of the world?
Why not filter?
Why not make a study guide of what is good
and fill your heart with those things.

Don’t fill your heart with dishonesty or deceit,
or people who stand for those two evils.

Don’t worry about what everyone is doing around you.
Focus ahead.

Don’t stumble upon unnecessary things.
Let your ways be sure.

Don’t divert to the path of the evil one.
Keep on the path of Christ.  

I get overwhelmed with too much information
and trying to do too many things
and following too many rules
and memorizing too much information.
But if we get rid of all the unnecessary,
we are really only left with truth,
the important things,
the God things.
I can do that,
I can manage the simple,
God things.
I’m positive I can tackle this study guide.
And the reward?
Even greater than an A.

A guard for your precious heart.

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