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Saturday, December 21, 2013

God Knows. Advent Day 21. December 21, 2013.

God knows.
He knows your heart.
He knows every
and longing.

I forget this though,
all too often.
I feel like I have to explain everything to Him.
Or that I have to hide things.
Or that He won’t understand.
I take for granted the fact that He knows.

I put up these walls.
Those facades?
I don’t use them just with people,
with Him too.

It’s just easier most of the time
to dance around the truth,
to pretty-up the not-so-pretty,
to pretend as though everything is fine.

I’ve come to realize though,
that it really does no good.
There is no benefit to
and walls
and being fake
and hiding things.

I’ve also come to realize though,
that being real is much harder.
But there is great benefit to it.

If we want to
improve our lives,
be better Christians,
seek out Christ,
check off our goals,
fulfill our missions,
and be the person Christ is calling us to be,
we have to be real with Him.

No sense in hiding it.
He knows it all.

Rather than trying to dance around the truth
with petty little lies
and false fantasies,
just skip that.

Just cut right to the heart of it all.
Right to the center.
Right to the core.
Right to the place that may cause some pain.
Right to the place where He can offer you
comfort and redemption,
guidance and friendship,
truth and honesty.

Just lay it down.
Offer it up to Him.

He already knows it all.   

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